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This deviation was deleted

This looks VEERRRY SUGGESTIVE THE TITLE IS JUST AS SUGGESTIVE XD XD!!111!!!I do have some to say bout this canvas u should have a seprate piece of paper to try to colors on.(NOT TO BE MEAN)It makes the bottom look a bit sloppy(DONT HURT ME PLZ ;U;)And get a thinner brush to go around and do the background because on the nose(snout idk wat its called) it has a bit of green so get a thinner brush to go around the background closer to scerwballs body XD Other than that it looks verynice CX Gewd JOB ill admit im not good at using canvass and arycrlicpaints XD ESPICALLY WATER COLORS AND WATERCOLOR PENCILS XD Keep up da gewd work Gurrl ;)
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xiao668 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
>w< It's not meant to be THAT suggestive... It's just a joke

<:3 Dude, I'm not gonna be mad at you for giving a critique.. Especially since I'm asking for one.
Aaaand I did that on the canvas so I can get the colors a bit more correctly I guess. XD I'm a bit afraid if I text them on paper it'll look different.

XD I'm kinda glad someone finally cought that... yeeeaaaa that smudge was an accident due to "OMG I HATE PAINTING SO MUCH I'M GOING TO RUSH THIS BACKGROUND TO BE DONE WITH THIS" then smearing paint RIGHT onto her face making it worse XD

^^ Thank you
SelPico Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD AS SOON AS I SAW THAT I WAS LIKE D: XD dat title and pose XD thankies cuz i dont wanna be mean espically with one of ma bfs X3
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